For Newcomers to the Traditional Mass

Welcome!  If you are thinking about coming back to the traditional Latin Mass, or if you are assisting at it for the first time, you probably have a number of questions about why we do what we do.  We have remained faithful to the traditional Mass not out of stubbornness or “disobedience.”  We have remained faithful because it is the Catholic thing to do.

The traditional Mass is the perfect expression of the unchanging and unchangeable Catholic teaching on the nature of the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, as well as a refuge from and an antidote to the myriad false teaching and sacrilegious practices which have found their way into our parish churches as a result of the New Mass and the “changes” in the Church.  We have a right to assist at this Mass, guaranteed in perpetuity by Pope ST. Pius V, which no one can take away fro m us, and a duty to assist at this Mass so we can save our souls.

In 1969, a Vatican commission whose membership included six Protestant ministers rewrote 70% of the Mass.  The very nature of the Mass was changed:  the altar was replaced with a table; the sacrificing priest became a “President of the Assembly”; the traditional Offertory prayers, so redolent of the Catholic theology of sacrifice, were discarded and replaced with a Jewish grace before meals; the actual words of Consecration used by Our Lord Himself at the Last Supper have been changed and perverted, thus calling into doubt the validity of the New Mass.  The New Mass, so similar to Protestant worship services, mirrors a new “ecumenical” religion.

May the powerful intercession of the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary obtain for you the grace and courage to return to this Mass, which is your portion, your inheritance and your right as a Catholic!